Johnny ran as fast as he can, but couldn't save himself, Harry got him, a punch on his nose, another in his belly, he fell on the ground, grunting with pain, he was crying like a baby, bleeding, Harry got him from his neck and rose on his feet, Johnny crying, begging him to stop,... Continue Reading →


She was laying there, half sleep, half drunk, a lit cigarette was in her hand, that hand was falling down the couch, just a little above the floor mat, her head was at the edge, the smoke was going in her nose, she was wearing nothing but undergarments, but it wasn't any useful at all,... Continue Reading →

Why are you smiling?

It was the summer of 92, when i first saw her, she was a couple of years older than me, i was thirteen and she maybe be around fifteen or sixteen not more than this, i don't know her, i just saw her at the cross, while we, me and mom were stopped at the... Continue Reading →


'Get your ass over here', she cried, as i ran out of my room, 'what', said i, as i was standing just in front of me, 'what is it', she asked as she hold a paper in front of my face, 'it's a paper', i said to her, she looked at the paper and again... Continue Reading →


As he walked into the house, the first thing he did is to state at me for a bit long time and I tried not to look at him, but it was hard to not to look at him, as his eyes were just on me, I didn't say anything although I wanted to say,... Continue Reading →


There was time, but there isn't any more, I am running out of time, and I don't know if it's good or bad, it just not there anymore, I sat there quietly, just looking at nothing, when I turned around and saw him sitting next to me, 'what do you want', I asked him, 'nothing',... Continue Reading →

I could’ve been happy

'Ivana', he cried, I looked towards the voice and there he was standing, waving his hand in the air, 'fuck', I whispered, 'what he want now', I said to myself, 'could be anything, could be nothing', I said to myself, I was talking to my self until he was close to me, and that time... Continue Reading →


He was sitting there quietly when I saw him for the last time, he remains to sit there for a long until and I just watched him from a distance, I was hidden he couldn't see me, I thought to go to him and talk to him, but before I do something, someone else came... Continue Reading →

To sleep

'What are you doing here', asked him as he entered in the attic, i looked at him, he scared me a lot, i was almost going to scream but somehow, i controlled myself, 'what are you doing here", i asked him, he gave me a look, 'i saw the door open', said he, i must've... Continue Reading →

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